Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricks & Treats

1) We make it an annual event to go visit Tanaka Farms during the Halloween season to check out their pumpkin patch festivities.

2) The kids run around looking for just the right pumpkin.

3) Megan finds one she can carry.

4) Look a big green one!

5) Baby pumpkins.

6) Sandy and Noah hitch a ride on the wagon.

7) Ethan and Megan try to feed the goats at the petting zoo.

8) The kids pile into the wheelbarrow.

9) Ethan and Megan use team work to lift the heavy pumpkin.

10) Noah shows the way to the pumpkin patch.

11) Give us all your candy and sweets!!!!

12) Noah contemplates all the candy that he is not going to get to eat.

13) We head over to Sandy's brother's house to go trick or treat. Danny readies Emi's Snow White costume.

14) Carly and Danny.

15) Noah and grandpa Ted.

16) Ethan in his Thomas the Train costume.

17) Once a princess always a princess.

18) Ethan and Emi are ready to hit the streets.

19) Group shot before we head out.

20) Emi stuffs some candy into her bag. Score!

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