Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A day out with Thomas

1) Last weekend, we took the family to meet Thomas the Train. As you know Ethan, loves Thomas. They actually have a full scale working Thomas the Train that tours around the country to meet kids and of course to sell lots of merchandise. This event took place at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris.

2) Ethan comes face to face with his hero. He was awestruck and speechless to say the least. He couldn't stop staring.

3) A quick photo with his buddy.

4) Thomas was more than happy to pose for pictures with the kids.



7) Ethan and Megan also got to meet Sir Topham Hatt.

8) Megan and Noah play in the little trolley car.

9) We wait for our turn to board Thomas to go for a ride.

10) Noah was also star struck by Thomas. He kept on staring at Thomas and would not look at the camera for me.

11) All aboard! Megan and Ethan share a seat on the train. Here we go! The train chugged down the railroad for about a mile and then came back to the station.

12) Ethan says goodbye to his buddy. We will come and visit you again next year when you are back in town.

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  1. #2 is sooo cute. That little bug can't help staring at his idol. He looks like a miniature man.

    #7 Mr Topham hatt's face is a little creepy. I'm sure I'd be more used to it if I watched the show a lot like the little tykes.

    #8 Too bad Ethan didn't turn around for this picture. So much excitement on little Noah's face.

    What happened to Ethan's little Thomas sunglasses? Those are so cute.


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