Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Morishita Backyard Camp Out

We went to our first ever backyard camp out yesterday. Big thanks to Janet and Mark for hosting the super fun event. The kids had such a great time running around your big backyard. Sandy and I had originally bought our camping gear to be used for earthquake/disaster supplies. It was nice to be able to break it out for a test run. We are definitely on for the O'Neil park camp out next month!

1) Milk and beer. Good times.

2) He's got his baby and his beer. He's good to go!









11) Woah... hey easy there buddy.

12) Ok fine; I'll give you a kiss.

13) They like to travel in packs.




17) Yay for backyard camp outs!








23) I need a push.


25) Everyone limbo. How low can you go?

26) Ally makes it especially challenging for the contestants.



29) No girls allowed in the clubhouse.

30) All ahead full power.





35) Nighty night all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th

1) We went to Sandy's brother house for a 4th of July, BBQ. It's a tradition now that we have been doing for the past few years. They allow personal fireworks in his city and so the kids (and adults) have a lot of fun. They don't allow personal fireworks in Irvine so getting to play with them again brings back fun memories of my childhood. This will also make for great memories for our kids too. Btw, I took all of these shots hand held without any image stabilization.

2) Here is Satoe and Donna with their party hats on getting ready to whoop it up!

3) After the yummy belly busting dinner, we went for a walk out at the park. I personally ate 3 hot dogs, 1 hamburger, 1 corn on the cob and a side of beans...*burp*. Conney island hot dog eating contest here I come! Here is Auntie Sandy and Emi.

4) Gotta love those curls.

5) Off to the races.

6) Danny cruising through the neighborhood.

7) Emi balances on the sidewalk border.

8) Donna sits on the bench while watching the kids play.

9) Such a cutie patootie.

10) Kai and Megan at the playground.

11) Ethan at the playground.

12) Megan playing it up for the camera.

13) Walking back home from the park. Did someone say something about a cake for dessert...?

14) Kai bums a ride from Danny.

15) We set up some picnic chairs on the sidewalk out front. Megan is afraid of the loud fireworks.

16) Sandy and Noah are all snuggled up and ready to see the show.

17) Up and down the street, many neighbors were camped out in front of their houses to watch their own little firework show.

18) Here's a nice green fountain.

19) And a blue one...

20) We all had our cameras out trying to take some firework pics.

21) This one was called the Lightning Blast or something like that. It would explode and then the little flying parts would explode again. Very loud and flashy.

22) I lit this flash bomb and threw it out into the street. For a second, I thought that it was going to roll underneath this shiny Mercedez. That would not have been good.

23) Danny and Kai light some Fire Snakes. It basically looks like a joint and after it burns, this ash snake comes out of the ground. To me, it looks like burning dog poo. This shot was taken at ISO 3200. How do ya like dem apples!

24) Danny the pyro tries to take a meme shot. "Look maw, I'm on fire!"

25) Sandy gets into the swing of things with a sparkler. Did you know that they changed the sparklers. They don't sizzle and spark as they used to. I guess too many kids got burned.

26) Carly busts out a Rave scene out in the middle of the street.

27) I think the adults had more fun than the kiddies. Good times...

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