Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last One Done

1) I recently met Isaiah on a camping trip. He's an amazing singer and part of a band called Last One Done. Sample his music here! Anyways after the trip, we got to chatting over facebook and he hired me to shoot his band. We met up on a thursday night at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach. His band was performing and it was a great opportunity to grab some shots of them in action.

2) This is mild mannered Reza on the guitar. He has a very peaceful expression when performing.

3) This is Damian on the drums. Their music is very catchy and up beat. Some have described it as California pop. Others make comparisons to Dave Mathews Band. I'm not sure how to categorize their style but I'll tell ya one thing, I like it! Isaiah gave me his CD and I've been listening to it ever since in my car.

4) I got to Bella Terra at 7pm. The sun was just setting. The first thing I checked out after getting there was what light I would have to work with. I quickly found out there were no lights. Hah! I was hoping for at least some stage lights but no such luck. There were only a few street lights around the amphitheater area and a bit of random light from the neighboring shops. I came prepared for this possibility. I strapped on my canon 35mm f1.4 to my 20D and the canon 85mm f1.8 to my 7D and ditched the rest of my gear in my car. I shot wide open and cranked up the ISO. A lot of these shots were done at ISO 5000. Not too shabby.

5) My brother wondered why I didn't use flash. Flash is a big NO NO when photographing performers. Number 1, you are gonna blind them if you keep on blasting flashes at them for 2 hours. Number 2, using flash is gonna give you shots that look like they came from a point and shoot camera. Number 3, some venues simply won't allow flash photography. I wisely decided to leave my speedlight in my car. I did this entire photoshoot with just ambient light. It actually worked out well. The colorful signs from the surrounding shops added some nice color and bokeh to the backgrounds of these shots.

6) For the next 2 hours, I shot them from every angle imaginable. Luckily the band and the crowds didn't mind me shooting up close and moving around at the front of the amphitheater. I would have also liked to have gotten shots of the crowds enjoying the show and the little kids dancing around but there just wasn't enough light.

7) I had a lot of fun with this photoshoot. It was challenging and I definitely pushed my equipment and skills to beyond my usual comfort zone considering what little light I had to work with. I hope the band likes the shots and I hope to work with you guys again on future projects.



















Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ethan's 1st day at Preschool

1) Ethan started preschool today. He has been looking forward to it ever since his older sister started going to school. She would bring home wonderful stories of friends she made and fun activities she got to enjoy.

2) We gave him a goal to shoot for. If he would learn how to pee pee in the toilet, then he would get to go to school. After quite a few "accidents," the little bugger has now gotten the hang of it.

3) We got him a backpack of his favorite show, Thomas the Train. He's so tiny compared to it. I think that if it was actually filled with books, little Ethan would topple over. LOL.

4) Megan was also excited to have Ethan at school with her. Even though they would be in different classrooms, she promised to look after her little bro.

5) Our first day with Megan at preschool was the typical crying and tearful goodbyes. However, for Ethan it was quite pleasant. For those of you who do not know Ethan, he is quite outgoing. Plus he has been to Megan's school to pick and drop her off so he has met many of the teachers there. A few actually know him by name and will give him hugs. So his first day was quite easy actually. As soon as he saw the toys in the classroom, he was like...see ya later!

6) Miss Fatima gives Ethan a warm "1st day at school" welcome hug. She was also Megan's first teacher and specifically wanted Ethan in her class. He took to her right away. Sandy and I slipped out of the classroom after wards. This time around there was no crying or struggle.

7) To celebrate this momentous occasion, we went to IHOP for breakfast. Look how happy Noah is. He gets both parents all to himself. Noah, how old are you?

8) His facial eczema has practically gone. It only flares up when he is sleepy or upset and rubs his face.

9) It was nice to be out and about with just 1 baby. What a difference.

10) Noah celebrates the occasion with a scoop of whip cream from Sandy's Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity!

11) Kids grow up so fast... On a random note, my photographer friend Ken Pfeifer just launched his own photography website. Check it out!

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