Sunday, January 23, 2011

Megan's 5th birthday

We celebrated Megan's 5th birthday today at Pump It Up. Megan invited a bunch of her girlfriends from school, as well as family and other friends. They had a great time bouncing around the jumpy houses and zipping down the inflatable slides. Megan was quite shy at first with all the people around but she slowly warmed up and started enjoying herself. Thanks to all for coming out and sharing this special day with us.

1) Megan blows out her birthday cake.

2) Paradise cake from King's Hawaiian Bakery. This is the only cake Sandy will eat. It is so light and the frosty is not overly sweet, just perfect.

3) The staff at Pump It Up open the doors to the first room. Megan was quite shy when first arriving there and would not cooperate for the photos.

4) Noah slams dunk.

5) Ethan gives it a go.

6) Ethan and Auntie Janet go down the slide.

7) I love this shot. A truly candid moment.

8) Not sure who was having more fun on the slide, my dad or Noah.

9) Kayla.

10) Noah had so much fun sliding with my dad.

11) Father and son.

12) Jay and Kenji enjoy the slide.

13) Another great candid moment.

14) Sheri and Amy.

15) Group shot. I tried to get them all to look at the camera. Who am I kidding. I can't even get my own kids to look at the camera let alone a room full of them. Hah!

16) Ethan enjoying his pizza and chips.

17) Hello kitty for the girls and Mickey mouse for the boys.

18) Cousin Kai and Ethan sit on the throne.

19) Grandpa Ted and Noah having fun on the slide.

20) Ethan playing air Hockey.

21) Danny slam dunking bouncy house style.

22) Kristen zipping down the slide.

23) My brother Richard and his girlfriend Yen.

24) Our across the street neighbors, Ernie and Ashley.

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