Saturday, March 27, 2010

Irvine vs University High School Lacrosse


I shot my 2nd lacrosse game this week. This time Irvine went up against University High School. I mainly used my canon 400mm f5.6 lens with my canon 7D. This time I brought a picnic chair, used a monopod and camped out in the corner of the field behind the goal. If you shoot from a low perspective, I find that it helps to give cleaner shots. Plus you can see the players faces better. I honestly don't think I need the monopod because the canon 400mm f5.6 is very easy to handhold. Anyways, I tried to concentrate on getting more long distance shots on the other side of the field. I wanted to get full body shots so that I did not clip their feet. For mid field shots, I just went for the tight close ups from the waist up and concentrated on getting their clear shots of their faces. I think that is a key point in sports photography. The photo is so much more powerful if you can see their faces and expressions during those action moments.


Getting a good exposure is very tough given the bright white jerseys and darker green jerseys. I shoot in partial metering mode and for the most part had set my EV to -1/3. I regularly checked my histograms after a burst of shots and adjusted my EV as necessary. I shoot in aperture priority mode with the aperture wide open at f5.6. I then adjust the ISO to keep my shutter speeds above 1/1000 to freeze the action.


I was definitely more conscious of not taking shots while the players had their backs to me. A new thing that I learned from this photo shoot was to be mindful of the backgrounds and shooting angles. I deleted a lot of shots this time because there were a bunch of spectators on the other side of the field. When I was shooting the action on the other side of the field, the backgrounds of the shots were filled with these spectators and the shots looked terrible. Delete, delete, delete...





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  1. Very nice! The action is very sharp and interesting. Man, the Irvine team looks fierce and looks like they're hounding Uni players. GO VAQUEROS!

  2. Dear Hung,
    I would like to use one of your lacrosse photos on my website in a not for profit Irvine schools related context. Can we talk about whether that would be possible?

    Thank you,
    Gavin Huntley-Fenner


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