Monday, March 22, 2010

Goat Hill Junction Miniature Trains


Last weekend, we took the kids to Goat Hill Junction Miniature Trains. Its located at a park in Costa Mesa across the street from Estancia High School. Every 3rd weekend of the month, they have free train rides. We met up with Sandy's friend, Janet and her two kids Kevin and Kayla. The kids had a great time riding the miniature trains. You literally sit straddling the trains while it takes you on a leisurely ride around the park. The park is staffed with volunteer railroad train enthusiasts. There is a donation box out front which helps to support this great attraction. Ethan's favorite show is Thomas the Train and so he really enjoyed our morning there.


I brought 2 lenses for this photo shoot. I used my tamron 17-50 f2.8 for the group close up shots. I also used my canon 70-200 f4 IS to take the shots while the kids were riding by on the train. I tried to run ahead of the train and pick a spot where they were coming around a corner. The light that morning was quite difficult to work with. It was overcast but very bright due to the midday sun. This made everything overly bright but the colors came out muted and flat. The conductor told me that there was no photography allowed while riding the train. It was very relaxing to sit on the train and view the green grassy fields passing by. There were a lot of wild flowers blooming as well. Hopefully the next time we visit the miniature trains there will be better light to shoot with.






8 )


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  1. All your photos came out great! They all look like they're having a fun time. Really like that wheat picture :)


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