Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun with tricycles

1) We picked up Megan from her preschool and then headed out to the local park to let the kids ride their tricycles. The kids needed to work off some energy and Sandy and I needed the fresh air. By the time we actually got to the park, the sun was setting fast. The light was going down so I was in a hurry to get some shots. I brought my canon 70-200mm f4 IS lens. I wanted to get some telephoto shots of them zipping around the park. The lens worked great but my only problem was trying to get ahead of those two in order to get a shot of their faces. I would tell them to stop so that I could hurry on ahead of them to get into position but then they would chase me like it was a game. LOL.

2) Watching them zip around the park with their tricycles and helmets reminds me of that old Mario-Kart game. Remember there was a character named Toad and he would have this big mushroom polka dotted helmet. That's what my kids look like riding their little tricycles. Hahahahah.

3) Megan and Ethan both have 2 wheeler bikes with training wheels at my parent's house. These tricycles are getting too small for them but they still have a lot of fun riding them.

4) We were only at the park for about 30 minutes before the wind got too cold. I told the kids to head back to the car. Megan of course thew a tantrum and cried the whole walk back to the car. That was a lot fun...

5) I am planning to take the family out to carlsbad to see the wild flowers when they bloom. I want to get a shot of the kids basically like this but with flowers all around them. By shooting fully zoomed out at 200mm wide open and at a low angle, it should blur the foreground and background nicely. With the wildflowers all around them it should hopefully make for a colorful composition. Here I was just practicing in a grassy field. Ethan would not cooperate well as usual. He is always looking the wrong way.

6) I think Sandy got him to finally smile in this shot.

7) Megan's knees almost hit the handlebar. She definitely needs a bigger bike soon. I predict it will be pink in color and most likely have some sort of princess on it.

8) Here they were racing to catch me as I was running ahead to get a shot of them coming down the hill.

9) You can't see it in this pic but her helmet actually lights up with little sparkling lights when you touch it. I think it has small LED lights under the shell cover.

10) I tried to straighten her helmet and tighten it up but she kept on pedaling away from me.

11) When we were getting ready to leave for the park, Sandy asked me if I think she should bring a jacket. Uh...ya! Sandy only lasted 30 minutes out at the park before she said it was too cold and had to retreat to the car, despite wearing a jacket. Noah was all bundled up like a bug in a rug.


  1. #8 is priceless!

  2. Beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing your kids pictures and tips to take good pictures. I used to have Pentax k100 like your then now I found out that you have the 7D as I am too!!! but I don't have those lens you own except 50mm f1.4 and 28-135mm.
    What mode do you use when you taking the kids?

  3. Delicious - Thanks!

    Violette - I always shoot in Av mode.


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