Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who needs a dslr camera anymore?!

The following pics were all taken with my iphone4. I even have an app called Instagram (thanks Ken) which lets me edit the pics on my camera with preset filters. I didn't even have to use photoshop on any of these pics other than to put my copyright on them. My iphone4 has now replaced my dslr as my walk around go to camera. Now of course, it doesn't have the autofocus speed of a dslr or the high ISO capabilities of a dslr but for a camera phone and an app which I purchased for 99 cents, it does a pretty freakin good job. It also shoots HD video just like my Canon 7D. Actually I find shooting quick video of my kids much easier to use with my iphone4 as compared to shooting video with my Canon 7D because it's just so much simpler. And as a bonus, I can make phone calls with my iphone4. Isn't technology just amazing? =P

1) My new running shoes.

2) Koba Tofu

3) Artic Zero ice cream

4) Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor

5) Tomatoes from my backyard garden

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