Saturday, August 13, 2011

OC Fair 2011 shot with my iphone 4 and Instagram app

1) We took the kids to the OC Fair on it's last weekend. I played the squirt the water at the target game and won this Despicable Me plush toy for Megan. Ethan would not leave until we got him one too. $20 later, Sandy was able to win him one. The kids call these Despicable Me Minions, "corn pop people." LOL.

2) This year Ethan was tall enough to ride on the dragon roller coaster without an adult.

3) That goes for bumper cars too!

4) This was one of the few rides that Noah could go on that did not involve spinning around in circles. He got to ride it once with Sandy and once with me. He was a happy camper.

5) Can't leave the fair without the token ping pong ball in the goldfish bowl prize. Megan and Ethan both got a goldfish.

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