Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tubing in Big Bear

1) The kids have never seen snow, so yesterday we let them ditch school to take a trip up to the mountains. We drove up to Big Bear Snow Play which is a Tubing park. It took us over 2 hours to get there from Irvine. It took about 1 hour to drive up the winding mountain roads. There were high winds and icy patches on the side of the road which made for white knuckle driving, especially around turns and switch backs. Oh btw, we got the kids' snow suits at The Children's Orchard which is a fantastic used clothing store only for kids. Their snow suits were like $20 each. Why pay full price for something that they are only going to wear once or twice and then outgrow. At the tubing park we only had to pay $25 for each adult. The kids were free. Parking was free too. They do have a rule of 1 child per adult in the park. Also kids have to be older than 2. We ended up leaving Noah with my parents. Sorry dude. We will bring you next year. Basically the kids had to ride on one of our laps in the tube. They also have an escalator which brings you to the top of the hill so you don't have to huff and puff it up the hill yourself.

2) The kids and adults had a great time. Definitely go during the week if you can. It was quite empty and there were no lines at all to get up the hill. Also another cool thing was that you could play as long as you want. Some of the other tubing parks we checked had a 2 hour limit per ticket.

3) The weather at the top of Big Bear was a nippy 28 degrees and windy. Having snowboarding gear was a plus.

4) Here's a cool sequence series of Sandy and Megan zipping down the hill.

5) See how much fun they were having!

6) It's all fun and games until a little kid eats it. Fail!


8) Sandy dressed them in layers and that kept them warm and toasty. Our only problem was Ethan's gloves which kept on falling off all day long.




12) Here you can see all 7 lanes of the tubing park. They vary in steepness and number of bumps. It was quite empty and there were only a handful of other families there with us, which was awesome. No lines! It looks like all of the snow was man made though with snow blowers.

13) Megan tried to make a snow angel.



16) We warmed the kids up with a cup of hot chocolate in the snack shop. This whole place only takes cash by the way.


18) Here is a little video I made of what its like going down the hill. I held Ethan with my left arm and my camera with my right hand while going down the hill. Not too shabby. You can get a sense of the speed which is quite exhilarating.

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