Monday, June 14, 2010

Noah's 1st birthday

1) Noah had his 1st birthday this past week. For the record he actually doesn't turn one until the 16th which is in 2 days, but what the hey. I don't think he minded.

2) I shot the whole party with my 35mm f1.4 and used my speedlite for fill flash. It worked out great. I even used flash outdoors which is is unheard of for me since I'm always blabbering on and on about he beauty of natural ambient light. However with the ever changing light conditions between the indoors shooting and the harsh mid day light outdoors, the fill flash helped to even out the exposure. Here is a shot of Khang (my cousin) and Tom ( my old roomate from med school).

3) Here's the little birthday boy with his own cupcake. I thought he would eat least put some of it in his mouth but he was content just to mush the frosting with his fingers.

4) The two grandpas, Ted and Ai.

5) Michael is now on a swim team, hence the tan.

6) My brother Richard, sniping away with his new lens.

7) Megan and her BFF Kristen. They are classmates from preschool.

8) Catherine was a roomate of Sandy's from college.

9) Maria, Charmaine and Heidi are Sandy's coworkers.

10) James, Sandy's cousin.

11) James and Cindy.

12) Special cupcakes with theme rings from King's Hawaiian bakery.

13) Paradise cake from King's Hawaiian bakery.

14) Megan with her cupcake frosting mustache.

15) Ethan with his cupcake frosting mustache.

16) Kids love their cupcakes.

17) Can you tell that this is an asian house?

18) Denise is Sandy's friend from college.

19) Cathy, Sandy's cousin.

20) Grandpa Ai and Noah.

21) Kayla enjoying some paradise cake.

22) Donna, Carly and Emi.

23) Sandy's aunts.

24) Sandy chatting it up with Jie and her husband Dale.


26) Following the traditional Japanese customs, we got Noah a pinata for his 1st birthday. =P

27) Kayla gives it a good wack.

28) Nicholas gives it a go.

29) Lynn shows that pinata who's boss.

30) Ethan gives it a go.


32) Waiting for their turn. Little kids first, big kids last.

33) Kai takes a big swing.

34) Ryan waits for his turn. I really like the effect of the fill flash on this shot considering the harsh mid day lighting.

35) The kids have their goodie bags ready to scoop up the candy.

36) Audrey and Micheal joke around.

37) Nicholas grabs a handful of candy.

38) Michael blings out with his cool spiderman ring.

39) Kevin scooping up the loot.

40) Lynn tries to put her candy in her goodie bag.

41) Janet and Catherine chatting while watching the kids in the bouncy house.

42) Megan and Kayla make a dash for the bouncy house.

43) Grandpa Ted hanging out with Noah in the garage. I really like the natural light on this shot. No fill flash used.

44) Audrey and Megan making a dash for the bouncy house. They kept on going in and out of the bouncy house all day long.

45) Ethan sliding out of the bouncy house.

46) Caitlyn sliding out of the bouncy house.

47) Mathew and kids bouncing around.

48) More bouncy house action.

49) Nicholas bounces up and almost into me. Entering the bouncy house is like entering the octagon in the ufc.


51) Megan and her crazy hair.

52) Yes, big trouble does come in small packages.



55) You are never too old to enjoy a bouncy house.


  1. love the frosting moustaches ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Noah! He looks just like a little you, Hung. I love Megan's wild hair, makes for interesting pictures.

  3. Hung and Sandy,
    loved all the pictures! didn't know I was in any. you're quick! had fun. we need to have a play date and catch up some more.

  4. Ken - Ya the cupcake frosting moutstaches were quite cute.

    Mayumi - Little Noah is growing up so fast. He is pulling himself up to stand now so he will be walking before we know it. I should have tied Megan's hair better. Her rubber band fell off and her hair was quite a mess. It actually messed up most of my pics of her because she had all this hair in her face. She wouldn't let me tie it up either during the party.

    Catherine - I grabbed some quick candids throughout the party. Glad you had fun. I was wondering where your kids where because I didn't remember seeing the girls. We definitely have to get together for a catch up date. I hardly got to talk to most of the guests at the big party. I was too busy running around taking care of stuff or watching the kids.

    Thanks for all the comments.

    - Hung


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